Freyja’s Secret

Brickstone Academy Book One

Freyja Burnouf is just a regular girl. Right? After experiencing an unimaginable pain, her mom is forced to come clean about her mythical past, throwing Freyja into a new world at a new school, facing new evils.

Hronn’s Oath

Brickstone Academy Book Two

Hronn’s life has changed all thanks to Freyja crash landing at Brickstone. She owes her everything, but especially her life. So, when Freyja goes missing, Hronn will stop at nothing to save her.

Hidden Creek

Haven Waska is a werewolf, her pack knows but no one else does. Rejected by her mate, she’s left alone to lead one of the worlds largest packs. Until she meets her new mate in an unusual way.

Agent of Death

Ivashkov’s Book One

Ellie and her brothers have a secret, they’re athletic but is there more to it? Danger rises, how will Ellie and her brothers fare when their lives are constantly being put in danger.

Champion of Death

Ivashkov’s Book Two

Four months after after the discovery of her family’s treacherous history, Ellie Ivashkov is forced to admit she’s nowhere closer to getting the revenge she so desperately craves. That is, until an anonymous tip leads her somewhere she never thought she’d have to go again.

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