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Completed Projects

Freyja’s Secret

Brickstone Academy – Book One

Freyja Burnouf’s life had been that of an overachiever struggling with depression and anxiety until she goes through an unimaginable transformation. Her mom is forced to come clean about her illusive past, leading Freyja to a new world full of Evil things that want her dead. She walks the moral line of right and wrong as she decides what kind of hero she wants to become, and if she even wants to be a hero at all.

Agent of Death

Ivashkovs – Book One

Ellie and her brothers have a secret, they’re athletic but is there more to it? Danger rises, how will Ellie and her brothers fare when their lives are constantly being put in danger.



Not your typicaleveryday plots. It’s a really great book that makes me feel more or less like I’m watching a movie rather than reading.

- Oasis

Meet Our Favorite Characters

From Canada to the US South, meet Freyja Burnouf, Ellie Ivashkov, and Haven Waska!

Freyja Burnouf

Freyja Burnouf

Brickstone Academy

Haven Waska

Haven Waska

Red Moon

Dawn Burton

Dawn Burton

Forbidden Fruit

Ellie Ivashkov

Ellie Ivashkov


Coming Out Soon

Taste of Forbidden Fruit

 An Old Age for Vampires

There’s something old here. Time has moved on, but one woman hasn’t. Her life has been reduced to pain filled breaths in the dark with no one around to ease her suffering… Until a young vampire stumbles upon the origin of her kind. 

Hronn’s Oath

Brickstone Academy – Book Two

Hronn’s life has changed all thanks to Freyja crash landing at Brickstone. She owes her everything, but especially her life. So, when Freyja goes missing, Hronn will stop at nothing to save her.